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Thame are ISO 9001/2000 accredited

  • Grip Fix - A patented vice system giving secure grip on only 3mm of material!
  • Quick Point - A low profile quick change pallet system.
  • Vario Tec - Fantastically versatile vice jaws.
  • Clean Tec - The simple automatic way to blow away coolant and swarf on machines.
  • Spin Fix - For fine boring of small holes.
  • Inogrip - A revolutionary way of gripping turned components with excellent repeatability and low distortion

Welcome to the home page of the
Thame Engineering website.

We specialise in all types of workholding equipment for both standard and special applications. Most of it we design and manufacture ourselves at our Buckinghamshire factory.

Thame is accredited to Quality Standard
ISO 9001/2000 with the scope of design, manufacture, assembly, supply and maintenance of workholding equipment.

This website is intended to describe our company and it's products, make it easy to contact us and to provide you with up-to-date technical information and news items.

The Links page gives contact details of our associate companies and access to their websites.